The chinese Nurse

Suddenly i hear the door opening and a very gentle female voice say to me. 

Are you alright sir,I turn around and try to focus on a very sexy women silhouette. As my eye site was coming back to me I realise that a beautiful chinese nurse was standing next to me. I tool me right out of my dizzy state and straight away I could feel my heart beat faster and faster. 

She was wearing a small tight white blouse that just moulded her sexy shapes so well. Her clivage was quite visible because I could see part of her bra when she bent down to check my pulse. It straight away sent tingles in my lower bits. I just could not help it bit i could feel my cock swelling with blood and starting to stretch the fabric of my white hospital trousers. I was quite embarassed and was hoping that she would not lift the covers to see what is underneath. 

Just As I was thinking that she said: " Well sir I am afraid you had a problem your lower stomach and the high paint that you felt made you faint, so i am going to have to check". She therefore grabed the cover and pulled them back revealing most of my body. It was very obvious that I had an errection due to my shaft bulging out of my trousers. The chinese nurse was so pretty and sexy that I could not help getting exciting. In my head i was fantasising about her pulling down my trousers and wraping her soft mouth around my shaft and working her way up and down on it. 

But back to the reality I just knew that this sort of things just happened in dreams or porn movies. 
When she saw the bump in my trousers she just had a quick glance at me and gave me a little malicious smile which made me go all red with embarassement. She ask me to lift up a bit my white T-shirt so that she could see my bare lower stomach and she started to poke it in different part to see what is the problem. While she was doing that she was leaning right in my face and I had a full view of her firm small chinese boobs which made the excitment unbearable.

My cock had reached its full strectch and was trying to tear the fabric of my pants. After a minute of massaging my belly, she went to the doors and locked it, I found it a bit strange but she came back and said: We won't get distracted like that. 

She stood in front of me a little bit with a very sexy smile on her and said: Don't you think is a bit too hot in here and started to undo the buttons of her blouse, at my big surprise she kept undoing them until the last one and made sure her blouse was wide open showing her gorgeous body with beautiful lingerie on her. Her knickers were tiny and the triangle of fabric was just covering what I was dying to see and play with. 

Like if nothing had happened she came a bit forward and said: Well sir with your condition it is advise to release you sexual appetite because it could creat some negative tensions and get you to faint again". She then grabed my trousers and pulled them down and my cock was so hard that it sprung out.

She gently grabed it with one hand and started to wank it looking at me straight in my eyes. I thoight I was in a dream and could not belieive what was happening to me. She then leaned forward hand very gently opened her mouth to insert it in and work on it with a nice gently up and down motion. The feeling of her warm moist mouth around my cock was just awsome. 

After a little while she stood up still sucking me off and through one of her leg above my head and suddenly just in front of my eyes was that beautiful chinese pussy partly covered by her tiny G string. I could see her wet pussy glistening of excitement, I then reached for her g string and pushed it aside so that i could dive my tongue right into the tight darkness of her pussy. She tasted deliciousmy tongue was invading every centimeters square of her vagina and flicking her clit to get her more and more horny. 

I could feel the rythm of her cock sucking going faster and faster. I was loving it my tongue was going from the lower part of her tight pussy to her bum hole making her squeeking like a little slut that is really enjoying her cunt being tongued by a total stranger.

After a while I was getting bored of that 69 position and my cock was more than ready to fuck her very wet tight chinese snatch. I pushed her out of the way and she was lying on the bed on her back so I grabed her legs and put them over my shoulder so that it would stretch her pussy nicely and I directed my cock towards her cunt. 

She was so excited that it did not take much for my cock helmet to find his way in her moist warm cunt I started banging her gently but after a while she was grabing my cheek bum and pushing them harder so i accelerated and started to really yanked my shaft as deep as I could so that she could feel my cock helmet streching and filling her vagina. She was screaming like a little slut and was begging for more. Her head was banging against the wall with the force of the ferocious fuck. 

I could feel my cock getting ready to explode but I just did not want to stop there, It was too good and being such a slut i wanted to use as much of her as I could so i turned her around on her all fours with her ass hole facing straight up in the air and push my cock right in her bum hole.

It resisted a little bit but once my cock was in it felt like heaven, it was so tight and i could feel a nice pressure pushing and pulling around my shaft. At that point she was growling of pleasure, she was loving the feeling of having a stranger cock up her anus, it excited her so much. I was pounding her like if she was a whore. 

My ball were slping against her nice tight bum. As I was fucking her ass I was reaching down and could easily insert three to four finger in her pussy she was in extase. Suddenly As i was fucking her I heard her screaming and tensing all her body and felt lot of juice covering my hand. 

She had just come on me so I stopped and asked her to lick and clean my hand full of her cum and I was desperate at this point to release my balls that were ready to explode so I I grabed her hair and pushe her face down to my cock to start face fucking her. She happily opened her mouth and started to pump on my shaft. 

It did not take long and suddenly I could not resist any more i felt my cock tensing up and jets of spunk were filling her mouth. She was taking it all and she opened her mouth to show how full of spunk it was and swallowed the lot. I was just exhausted I fell flat on the bed while she got back up and get dressed. Like if nothing happened she looked at me and with a very gently voice said: I hope you are feeling better noe sir, I will see you soon to ensure your condition stays stable. She turned around unlocked and opened the door and just said: See you later as she went.
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